International cargo transportation allows you to make the whole world closer, but also blurs the borders between countries and businesses, allowing you to buy goods not where it is closer, but where it is cheaper. This contributes to the global economy - and to your benefit.

International sea transportation is the delivery of large pariahs of goods by sea vessels using containers. Sea containers will SouthWindForwarding - Delivery of goods by containers from China, Ecuador, Europe, the USA and Central Asia to anywhere in the world. be delivered in a few months. However, if your business is already "on stream" and you order seasonal Christmas products in May - this is the best option for you. This is the cheapest way to deliver goods.

About the cost of cargo transportation. The cost of cargo transportation at the moment depends on several factors:

the length of the route (it is logical - the larger it is, the higher you need to pay);

the type of transport (this has already been considered in detail);

cargo type (fragility, flow ability are additional factors);

weight and dimensions of the batch of products;

delivery speeds.

It is quite difficult to independently organize the delivery of cargo from another country, especially if you do not have the necessary experience in logistics. But it is much easier to turn to professionals-transport companies that will be able to develop the optimal route for you, and will take on part of the work on paperwork. In addition, it will also cost a smaller amount. But transport companies usually have their own transport fleet and, due to their experience and connections, they can lay the shortest (and therefore the cheapest) route.

When delivering goods, perhaps the most important condition is the safety of delivery. But you also need to be sure that your products will not be lost on the way. Therefore, contracts are drawn up not only for transportation, but also for insurance. But modern technologies often allow you to track exactly where your property is located online.

International cargo transportation is economically profitable and will help your business to reach a new level.

Cargo delivery services SouthWindForwarding provides the following services; 

- consolidation of goods (in any country) and breakdown into batches (at the place of delivery)

- cargo security: storage and intra-port forwarding cargo

- insurance

- daily shipment of goods

- customs clearance product

- search and manufacturer verification (in Europe, in Latin America)

- formation of cargo batches of pallets and their transportation inside the port of departure